woman sitting on the beach and reflecting on health and beauty

Health or beauty? Or both? What is more important? Reflections on face, health, beauty, and self-love.

woman sitting on the beach and reflecting on health and beauty

Questions we have

Is it possible to affect your face and make it look younger without resorting to invasive, non-environmental methods? Is it necessary to chase a quick effect without thinking about the consequences? Which is more important, health or beauty?I invite you to delve deeper into these questions and try to find answers for yourselves. Let’s do it together! 


I would like to start with the health and beauty issue to dispel any misunderstandings. To me, health and beauty are synonymous. There is simply no choice, because when you choose health, you also get beauty. It is the beauty when you look at yourself every morning in the mirror without makeup and admire yourself. Your skin is healthy, firm and has a beautiful, uniform colour. Your eyes shine from within. You enjoy your image in the mirror, you don’t focus on your imperfections, you even love them.

You love devoting time to spoiling yourself, and your skin thanks you for it. You understand that your skin is a reflection of the state of you on the inside, so you’re careful about your nutrition and your emotional state. You are your priority. You are the most precious person in your life, because you are the only one you have.


Like many women in the world, I used to look at my increasing wrinkles at a loss. I had never heard anything about natural rejuvenation methods and my thoughts were “What to do? What creams to buy? Which creams are really effective? Or am I just wasting my money on them?”

Of course, every cream’s advertisement convinces me that this particular cream will work wonders. Thoughts of fillers fortunately didn’t creep up on me, I’ve always taken care of my health. But I was confused.

Face Yoga

And then I was introduced to face yoga and it changed everything. Now I know exactly what I have to do, I have my own ritual, and with that came a greater self-confidence, and old age with its wrinkles no longer scares me. Together with the rejuvenation exercises face yoga gives more awareness with all that it implies – less stress, love and attention to yourself, awareness of your needs, greater sensitivity. 


Face yoga is not an exercise, it’s a lifestyle!

The trend towards natural rejuvenation methods is increasing all the time lately. Even global stars are actively using them. Natural is trending. And so is health. Botox, as a quick fix, is being chosen by fewer and fewer women, who see its negative effects on the body, and more and more are beginning to adopt natural practices like face yoga, self-massage, acupressure …

These methods are really effective, the only condition is regularity. The ancient Chinese used to say that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

That’s why it’s important to incorporate these practices into your morning and evening self-care rituals.

If you haven’t mastered these practices yet, now is the time. You can start at any age, everyone will get results, and with the help of a qualified instructor, they will come sooner.




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