Facial Exercises. Guides and Tipps to Make Your Face Yoga Practice More Effective

You can tone your facial and neck muscles just as you tone the rest of your body! There are many facial muscles exercises for wrinkles that I can teach you but let me teach you how to do face yoga for jowls, so that you can understand how it works!

Facial exercises for jowls 

Benefits of this pose: Defines and volumizes your cheeks while making them fuller

facial exercise-fuller-cheeks
  • Put your hands on the cheeks, lift them up
  •       Open your mouth slightly, curl your lower lip around your teeth
  •            Keep breathing
  •       Open your eyes wide, pull the corners of your mouth towards your molar teeth, make sure they are at the same level
  •       Move your chin slightly forward, hold for ten seconds

Facial exercise for chubby cheeks

Benefits: Makes your cheeks slimmer

facial exercise-chubby-cheeks
  • Your shoulders should stay relaxed
  • Pucker your mouth and blow air on an imaginary candle ten times

How to do the exercises properly at home?

Always perform the exercise by controlling yourself in front of a mirror to avoid creating additional wrinkles. Do not strain any facial muscles that are not involved in the exercise.