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Healthy lifestyle has always been my passion. I have always been attentive to my body.  Having crossed the 40-year mark, physically I felt as young, and possibly even younger, than many feel at age 30. However, while my body corresponded to my feelings of inner youth, my face began to “betray” me. Since wrinkle fillers and other interventions were not for me, I began to look for a natural alternative to aging. Fortunately, I came across the Face Yoga method, a method that focuses on training your facial muscles. I started to practice it in February 2020. I witnessed results from the very first lessons, and this inspired me to delve into the study of this method. I was trained and certified as a Face Yoga instructor by expert Fumiko Takatsu. Fumiko’s example inspired me to bring this simple yet highly effective method to as many women as possible, who are, like myself, searching for a natural, healthy approach to skincare.

Dina Karimova,

Founder of Face Yoga Mode

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